SILO  is a research-oriented company focused on the study and the development of innovative technologies to answer the ever-new challenges in the animal nutrition.

SILO  facilities are placed in a production area of 30.000 mq, and include a 20-meters-spry-cooling plant for the micro-encapsulation. A very wide range of matrixes and micro-encapsulation technics can be implemented thanks to our flexible technology.



SILO  works in scientific partnership with advanced institutes and universities to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the animal health and welfare.

1-Monoglycerides-based products and advanced rumen-bypass solutions (Nautilus technology – PCT IB 2019 059821), inspired by the Precision Feeding CNCPS model (Cornell University), are among our flagships.

In our products’ portfolio you can find scientifically proven approaches to improve gut health, productive and reproductive performance in all species.

Moreover, the development of customized solutions is part of our everyday job!

Think natural, entrust the welfare of your animals to the SILO team



1950 Company foundation

1975 Construction of a distillation plant for the production of vegetable fatty acids

1980 Construction of a spray-cooling plant for the production of Ca, Na, K fatty acids salts for ruminant and single-stomached species, microencapsulated organic acids and rumen bypass amino-acids.  SILO  patented a lipid matrix able to ensure an excellent rumen bypass and a complete release of the amino-acid once it has passed the rumen.

1990 Construction of a plant for the esterification of distilled fatty acids with glycerol to produce oils with tailored fatty acids compositions for animal nutrition.

2000 Construction of a forced-glycerination-plant for the production of oils with high content of mono and diglycerides and for the production of short and medium chain fatty acid glycerides.

2000 – 2007 A scientific collaboration with Guelph University – prof. Steve Leeson was developed with the aim to study products able to enhance gut health through natural processes. Glycerides of butyric acids (BABY C4) have been the object of a large and successful experimental program resulting in publications on Poultry Science Journal.

2005 SILO became member of the EUROPEAN PROJECT “FEEDING FATS SAFETY” 2005–2007, financed by the European Community and aimed at establishing security standards for lipidic substances employed in animal nutrition.

2009 SILO  became a joint-stock company and filed an International Patent for applications of mixtures of monoglycerides of short chain fatty acids to be used in animal husbandry.  SILO  was the first world manufacturer of Monoglycerides: Monopropionin, Monobutyrin, Monocaprylin, Monocaprin, Monolaurin etc. to be used in animal feeds.

2015 European Patent n° EP 2 410 871 B1: “Compositions containing C1 to C7 organic acid monoglycerides and glycerol, their preparation and use as antibacterial and anti-mold agents” was officially released by European Patent Office.

2020 SILO filed the patent on the Nautilus Technology PCT IB 2019 059821,  a new  concept of rumen-bypass integration