BABY C4, a specific composition of Mono-Di-Triglycerides of butyric acid, has been developed and tested in scientific collaboration with Guelph University (Canada), prof Steve Leeson.

Among the effects of BABY C4 the significant increase of breast meat is particularly appreciated by integrated groups.

In a study published on Poultry Science professor Leeson found that the administration of 2kg/Ton of BABY C4/ton of feed from day 0 to day 42 significantly improved the breast meat yield of broiler chickens in comparison with non-supplemented control group and to a group fed 50 ppm of bacitracin (Leeson S. et Al. 2005). In details, the breast meat was increased by +40 grams in the BABY C4 group compared to the control group, as shown in table 1.

Trial in a large Brazilian integrated group

The performance results of 120,000 broiler chickens fed BABY C4 where compared with those of 120,000 broilers fed the standard commercial diet. BABY C4 liquid was administered at the dosage of 2 kg/ton of feed from day 0 to day 15, and at the dosage of 0.5 kg/ton of feed from day 16 to day 42.

The average live weight at slaughtering was not affected by the treatment: it was 2.803kg in the control group vs 2.808kg in the BABY C4 group; the average carcass weight was improved in the BABY C4 group: 2.553kg in the BABY C4 group vs 2.520kg in the control; the breast meat yield was strongly improved: +63 grams in the BABY C4 group vs the control group, as shown in the table 2