silohealth monolaurin


1-MONOLAURIN is composed of Monoglycerides of Lauric Acid bonded with glycerol in position 1.

This type of Monoglyceride is hydrodispersible and it is able to enter the blood flow in its original form without being hydrolyzed by lipases.

1-Monolaurin has a different action from triglycerides of Lauric Acid (coconut oil) which follow the classic digestive pathway of triglycerides. Triglycerides are in fact emulsified with bile salts, incorporated into oil droplets and hydrolized by lipases separation. As result of lipasis attack one Monoglyderide in position 2 (2-Monoglyceride) and two free fatty acids are produced. Free fatty acids and the Monoglyderide in position 2 are reassembled in Triglycerides inside the intestinal mucosa and they enter in the blood flow in Triglyceride form.

1-Monolaurin produced by SILO, on the contrary, keeps its original form both in the intestinal tract and blood flow.

SILOhealth MONOLAURIN is used in dry feed

  • in piglets
  • in all growing periods of pigs
  • in sows
  • in poultry

In order to optimize the cost/benefit ratio, it is important that the used product has a high content of 1-Monolaurin and not free lauric acid.


    • Very stable
      up to 230° C
      in pH range from 1 to 9
    • Odorless, non corrosive
  • Hydrodispersible