Myostatin is a protein produced by the myocytes that down-regulate the myogenesis. Decreased levels of myostatin lead to a significant increase of the muscle mass.

Studies conducted by the Guelph University in avian species (A. Bedford, S. Leeson et al.; 2018) and by the University of Parma in swine (A.Quarantelli et al.;2019) found that a specific composition of 1-Monoglycerides (commercial name: SILOhealth 104) decreased the Myostatin level in both species (-50% compared to the control groups) and significantly improved the meat yield and the body conformation.

SILO’s research focused on a method to efficiently deliver the 1-Monoglycerides to the gut of beef, to improve the meat yield and body form.

NAUTILUS myostatin is the ideal vector to transport the 1-Monoglycerides through the rumen in a safe way. The pH sensitive matrix is opened in the abomasum and 1-Monoglycerides are completely absorbed in the gut.

The emulsifying properties of 1-Monoglycerides enhance the digestibility of the dietary lipids and increase the diet energetic level.

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