Micro-encapsulation Technology

An efficient way to micro-encapsulate single functional additives

A pH-sensitive lipid matrix, grants a high rumen by-pass degree to amino-acids and choline.

In the abomasum, at acid pH, the protection is opened and amino-acids are released and made fully bio-available for absorption in the gut. The special protection developed by SILO is suitable for mixing with the feed and pelletizing operations.

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1-MONOGLYCERIDES for calves and beef 

European patent N° EP 2 410 871 B1

Scientifically proven solutions to improve digestion efficiency, welfare, meat yield in calves and beef

SILO researches have been focused on methods to improve the digestive processes, milk and fiber intake, growth and resistance to adverse farming conditions in rearing calves and veal calves. We developed a specific composition of 1-Monoglycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids which can be added to the CMR at the farm or incorporated into the CMR powder during the production process.

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How to improve the ruminal processes in beef? How to increase the starch level in the diet and avoid acidosis, podal problems, nutritional dysbacteriosis?  SILO developed a composition based on glycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids to answer the above requirements and to increase meat yield and carcass quality in beef.

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