Nature-inspired solution for beef

FIBER DIGEST is a complementary feed for beef composed of butyric acid esterified with glycerol, distilled and fractionated coconut fatty acids esterified with glycerol and distilled glycerol.

FIBER DIGEST has been developed in scientific collaboration with the “University of Parma”,


  • FIBER DIGEST exponentially increases the cellulolytic activity of the microbial population in the rumen; the NDF becomes more available for the beef in a natural way, that is through bacterial degradation
  • FIBER DIGEST increases the amount of protozoans and bacteria, increasing, in this way, the quantity of performing proteins available for meat production
  • FIBER DIGEST exerts an emulsifying action which avoids fiber coating by unsaturated fatty acids that can be present in the diet
  • FIBER DIGEST supplies highly digestible saturated short and medium chain fatty acids which increase the energetic level of the diet.

Main benefits

  • save feed due to better FCR
  • improve the lipid quality and consistency of the meat
  • improve meat marbling (+ 25%) and the final ratio OMEGA 3/omega 6 (+ 20%)
  • improve the meat yield compared to the average values of the farm
  • improve the NDF digestion and, consequently, the energetic level of the diet without acidosis risks: higher NDF digestion = higher energy from fiber = less acidosis risks
  • improve starch utilization: the starch can be increased in the diet without acidosis risk
  • improve the energetic level of the diets thanks to the short and medium chain fatty acids contained in FIBER DIGEST like butyric, propionic, caprylic, capric and lauric acid bonded to the glycerol


    • Available in dry and liquid form
    • Available in 25 kg bag, 750 kg big bag, 20 kg can, 1000 kg IBC
    • Non corrosive
    • Heat stable up to 200 ° C
    • Neutral taste and odour
    • Active in GIT
  • Produced in GMP+ certified facilities