Potentiated 1-Monolaurin

Monolaurin is known to be effective against gram-positive bacteria and against some viruses.
SILO’s knowledge about the standard 1-Monolaurin effects and potential is very deep as our observations extend over a time span of more than a decade. Despite its efficacy, the standard 1-Monolaurin shows some limits that the SILO R&D team tried to overcome.
A new more effective formula has been developed by SILO R&D team.

POTENTIATED 1-MONOLAURIN is composed of 1-Monoglycerides of Lauric Acid inter-esterified with organic acids. The interesterification process allows to decrease the melting point of 1-Monolaurin. As result, its capability to interfere with the different biological membranes and external envelopments is strongly increased. The systemic diffusion is improved as well.

The product is available in liquid form or in powder form to be incorporated into the pellets or to be supplemented “on top”.


  • EHelp improve animals’ health
  • ESignificant help in reduction of antibiotics
  • EStrong impact on reproductive performance sows with high economic return
  • EReduction of the weight loss in sows after gestation and lactation and of the inter-partum interval with positive impact on the total number of piglets/ sows during the year (up-to +1 piglet/sow/year)


  • EAvailable in dry form
  • ENon corrosive; odorless; highly palatable
  • EHeat stable up to 150°C
  • EpH stable (from pH 1 to pH 8)
  • EStable during pelletizing/extrusion
  • ECompatible with feed or premix ingredients: plant extracts, vitamins, proteins, enzymes etc.
  • EProduced in GMP+/QS/FamiQS & ISO certified facilities
  • EPackaging: 20 kg bags and 750 kg big bag