SILO started the research on Monoglycerides more than 10 years ago and as first company in the world launched on the market the standard 1-Monolaurin for applications in animal nutrition.

Afterwards, in the last years, properties of standard 1-Monolaurin have been investigated by the scientific community and many studies are now available.

SILO knowledge about standard 1-Monolaurin effects and potential is very deep as our observations extend over a time span of more than a decade. Despite its efficacy, the standard 1-Monolaurin shows some limits that the SILO R&D team tried to overcome.

A new more effective formula has been developed by SILO R&D team: the POTENTIATED 1-MONOLAURIN.

POTENTIATED 1-MONOLAURIN is composed of 1-Monoglycerides of Lauric Acid inter-esterified with organic acids. The interesterification process allows to decrease the melting point of 1-Monolaurin. As result, its capability to interfere with the different biological membranes and external envelopments is strongly increased. The systemic diffusion is improved as well.


In addition to other important effects, POTENTIATED 1-MONOLAURIN has a strong impact on productive and reproductive performance in piglets and sows with high economic return:

  • the administration of Potentiated 1-Monolaurin in piglets during the first 3 weeks of the post-weaning period significantly increases the live weight of the animals
  • in sows, Potentiated 1-Monolaurin reduces the weight loss after lactation (up-to -40%) and shortens  the inter-partum interval with positive impact on the total number of piglets/ sows during the year (up-to +1 piglet/sow/year).

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