Butyric Acid Glycerides with scientific evidence of effectiveness.

BABY C4 is a unique source of butyric acid for the gut health
It is a balanced composition of Triglycerides, Diglycerides, Monoglycerides of Butyric Acid developed in collaboration with Prof. Steve Leeson (Guelph University).
The glyceride form of BABY C4 grants a very efficient protection of butyric acid which is slowly released throughout the entire intestinal tract.

The beneficial effects of BABY C4 on gut development, gut health and on breast meat yield of broiler chickens have been proven in several studies.


  • EThe glycerides of Butyric acid are not attacked by the hydrochloric acid present in the gut
  • EThe gastric bypass occurs without micro-encapsulation
  • EThe butyric acid is very easily released under the lipases action in the whole intestinal tract
  • EThe presence of monoglycerides of butyric acid allows the delivery of butyric acid to the deeper tracts of the gut due to their hydro-dispersibility in the lumen
  • EBABY C4 stimulates the villi growth and the tight junctions expression due to the high content of butyric acid
  • EGut integrity
  • EBreast meat yield is enhanced through the positive action on the satellite cells
  • EBifidobacterial population and endogenous choline production are increased
  • EA boosting effect on the lipid metabolism/energy homeostasis is performed


  • EAvailable in dry and liquid form
  • EAvailable in 25 kg bag, 750 kg big bag, 20 kg can, 1000 kg IBC
  • ENon corrosive
  • EHeat stable up to 200 ° C
  • ENeutral taste and odour
  • EProduced in GMP+ certified facilities


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