An unique source of butyric acid for gut health

BABY C4 is composed of butyric acid glycerides. It was developed to maintain a high and well balanced nutritional level with positive economic return of investment due to improved Feed Conversion Ratio. The return of investment is highly favourable in all steps of the production chain: for feed producer, for farming units and for meat processing company in terms of feed efficiency and meat carcass safety.
The glyceride form of BABY C4 grants a very efficient protection of butyric acid which is slowly released troughout the entire intestinal tract.

BABY C4 was developed in scientific collaboration with Prof. Steve Leeson – Guelph University.

Studies published on Poultry Science proved BABY C4 positive effects on carcass and breast meat yield in broilers, even in comparison with Avilamycin and Virginimycin.

Main benefits

  • Villus growth
  • Gut integrity
  • Stimulation of tight junctions expression
  • Improve FCR
  • Increase of the intestinal surface
  • Increase of the crypt depth in colon


    • Butyric Acid content around 80%
    • Available in dry and liquid form
    • Available in 25 kg bag, 750 kg big bag, 20 kg can, 1000 kg IBC
    • Non corrosive
    • Heat stable up to 200 ° C
    • Neutral taste and odour
    • Active in GIT
  • Produced in GMP+ certified facilities

DOWNLOAD SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION “Effect of Butyric Acid on the Performance and Carcass Yield of Broiler Chickens” S. Leeson, Guelph University – Canada