NAUTILUS is a new patented rumen bypass technology developed by SILO to transport functional nutrients and additives in a safe way through the rumen and to release them in the abomasum. (EU: Patent PCT/IBP2019/059821)
Granules of defatted soybean meal are filled with functional ingredients like amino-acids, vitamins, flax oil, Monoglycerides. Filled granules are covered with a pH sensitive protective matrix. They act as a vector to deliver a cocktail of functional ingredients to the abomasum.
The double pH-sensitive protection preserves all the ingredients from ruminal degradation and releases the functional ingredients in the gut.


In the granule of defatted soybean meal, we can micro-encapsulate several ingredients together, for instance: amino-acids, choline, vitamins, flax oil, according to the requirements of the nutritionist. This involves an economic advantage because micro-encapsulation costs are lower than the costs for micro-encapsulation of single ingredients. Of course, we can micro-encapsulate also single ingredients with high inclusion level.

The pH sensitive film used for the coating grants a high rumen bypass degree and also a high bio-availability in the gut. The lipid protection opens already in the abomasum under the action of acidic pH and does not require the attack of lipases. This fact involves a high digestibility of the proteins as well.


  • EHigh bypass degree
  • EHigh digestibility and bio-availability of the ingredients in the gut
  • ECustomization: you can design your Nautilus with specific ratios among amino-acids, vitamins, choline, Monoglycerides
  • EEconomic return due to the fact that not only one, but many ingredients are incapsulated together in the defatted soybean granule


  • EAspect: similar to soybean meal
  • EIt can be mixed with the ruminant’s ration in the mixer wagon or incorporated into the feed
  • EResistant to estrusion and pelletization
  • EHighly palatable
  • EPackaging: 25 kg bags or big-bags