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The Nautilus is a vector that contains crucial functional nutritional ingredients: Nautilus protects and transports functionals ingredients through the rumen and releases them in the abomasum.

A cocktail of digestible proteins and amino-acids, EPA, DHA, linolenic acid, vitamins, microelements and monoglycerides can be can “welcomed” on board of the Nautilus according to the requirements of the nutritionist.

Nautilus composition can be customized.

Precision Feeding CNCPS model Cornell University, is one of the principles that inspired the Nautilus technology.

How is Nautilus made and how does it work?

The carrier consists of soybean meal or, if required, from another vegetable protein matrix. The alveoli of the protein matrix are filled with functional elements such as EPA and DHA, linolenic acid from linseed oil, amino acids, choline, vitamins, trace elements as well as specific monoglycerides for intestinal health.

The enriched granule is then coated with a double pH sensitive lipid protection.

The Nautilus user is the feed or premix producer: with an inclusion of product normally between 200 and 300 grams/head/day it is possible, for example, to cover the requirements of amino acids, Ω3 and vitamins necessary for dairy cows during transition and lactation periods.

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