Swine dysentery is one of the most economically damaging diseases in pig farming. The high cost of the disease is associated with mortality, morbidity, reduced growth rates, poor feed conversion efficiency, and costs of continual in-feed medication.
The resistance to antibiotics makes it difficult to control this pathology in many situations.

SILOhealth103 , a synergistic combination of 1-Monoglycerides of short- and medium-chain fatty acids, is the result of a large research program, aimed at supporting the gut integrity and the gut health of pigs.

SILOhealth103  can be administered in feed or in drinking water.


  • EStrongly helps support the gut health
  • EDramatically increases the feed efficiency


  • EAvailable in dry and liquid form, for feed and drinking water applications
  • ENon corrosive
  • ENeutral taste and odour
  • EPackaging: 25 kg bag, big bags, 20 kg cans, 1000 kg IBC
  • EHeat stable up to 200 ° C
  • ECompatible with all ingredients of feed and premixes
  • EProduced in GMP+/ISO/QS/FamiQS certified facilities