SILOvit is a complementary feed for calves composed of short and medium chain fatty acids 1-Monoglycerides studied to improve gut health and performance.

It is used to help improve gut health

SILOvit does not inhibit the growth of beneficial Lactobacillus.

SILOvit can be mixed with the Calf milk replacer (CMR) in the farm, or it can be incorporated into the CMR during the production process.


  • EImprovement of milk intake
  • EImprovement of the lipid quality and consistency of the meat
  • EHigh energetic booster
  • EImprovement of fiber fraction intake
  • EHelp a fast recovery in case of antibiotic treatments
  • EPost-slaughtering evaluations of calves fed SILOvit confirmed excellent color and very good organoleptic characteristics of the meat


  • EAvailable in dry and liquid form
  • EAvailable in 25 kg bag, 750 kg big bag, 20 kg can, 1000 kg IBC
  • ENon corrosive
  • EHeat stable up to 200 ° C
  • ENeutral taste and odour
  • EActive in GIT
  • EProduced in GMP+ certified facilities