silo vit

An idea inspired by nature for calves

SILO vit is a complementary feed for calves composed of short and medium chain fatty acids 1-monoglycerides studied to improve gut health and performance.

SILO vit does not inhibit the growth of beneficial lactobacilli such as Lactobacillus plantarum and acidofilus.

Main benefits

  • Milk intake improvement
  • Improve the lipid quality and consistency of the meat
  • highly digestible saturated short and medium chain fatty acids which increase the energetic level of the diet.
  • Improvement of fiber fraction intake
  • Fast recovery in case of antibiotic treatments
  • Animal growth and aspect improvement: shiny hair coat, full backs, healthy aspect
  • Post-slaughtering evaluations of calves fed SILO vit confirmed excellent color and very good organoleptic characteristics of the meat


  • Available in dry and liquid form
  • Available in 25 kg bag, 750 kg big bag, 20 kg can, 1000 kg IBC
  • Non corrosive
  • Heat stable up to 200 ° C
  • Neutral taste and odour
  • Active in GIT
  • Produced in GMP+ certified facilities